my beauty discoveries … MAC studio careblend pressed powder

so … I am still alive but a bit busy and a bit without inspiration but I want to present shortly one of my beauty discoveries – MAC studio careblend pressed powder. I have the colour version -> LIGHT; it looks very good on the skin, no mask effect, stays where it should stay for a long time AND I do not need to sell my TV-set in order to buy it, do I need more?

my beauty discoveries … matt about you from Essie

not to much to say … how does it work? you buy in a hurry nail polish, at home you realise it’s with gloss !!! (which you do not really like) so you run again to the shop and start looking for the proper one … nice lady enlighten you that you do not need to buy a new one, you just need HIM – matt about you which will make all your nails look matt whenever you need it (you just put additional layer on the usual nail polish and it’s ready)

random thoughts about fashion and style … and beauty episode 2

I was writing recently about some of my thoughts regarding fashion and style. I also have some of them which are related to beauty, to be more precise to make-up art …

about finish powder … in order to avoid the mask effect when finishing with loose powder, spread it only on T zone and let the other parts of the face stay naturally shining, it my opinion you get the fresh look then

about bronze powders and blushers … wear them ONLY if you know how to put them properly and if they really suit you; I was using blusher for many years but – to be honest – wasn’t convinced if it did good to my make-up so sometime ago I resigned … it’s funny that NOT using something can help so much

cream line on the inner rim of the eye … I can not call myself an expert in make-up but I definitely know many tricks how make your face look rested when it’s not really the case, … so I do put the light line on the inner rim of my eyes but I do it with cream colour instead of white – in my opinion it looks much more naturally

I am not mentioning such obvious things like avoiding two shades on you face and neck with the funny line which shows exactly where your face ends … or about “panda effect” when using the radiant, I know I am talking to experienced make-up users … ha !


random thoughts about fashion and style … episode 1

I have in my mind collection of observations related to fashion and style. I do not always remember where do I get them from, sometimes I read about them, sometimes I heard them somewhere, some are my own conclusions, anyway I do not claim the ownership to any of them I just find them quite right:

– women who keep same hairstyle or hair colour for many years seem to look younger – there is something about it, just think … (to be clear – I am not against changes in hairstyle)
I find it true somehow, look for example at Catherine Deneuve

– women with coarse type of beauty look great with delicate make-up and decent clothes, for me it makes them look intriguing !
– and the other way round, those who have delicate and/or a bit naive look can try some more provocative outfits, make-up: both ideas are based on contrast, I’ve seen some examples live and I was always delighted
– again a bit about contrasts – if a person has a bad skin (it happens, we can not pretend it doesn’t) then she should not underline it with strong make up and should take a special care about hair … and the other way round; once I saw a girl in pharmacy, she had a really bad skin BUT was wearing only light foundation and had a very, very nice hair all that made me admire her for a longer moment

– age is not a limit for fashion but you have to be careful, again example (it’s a pity I do not take photos of those people), in the Cafe near the place I live I saw once a lady, definitely 70+, very delicate type of beauty, light hair, she was wearing knee long cardigan … and leggings + converse and she looked stunning … but there is a very thin line which one need to be aware of otherwise the look gets just pathetic (I think jeans are THE thing you can wear with no risk at any age !)



– I can’t help it but I like either the little detail of beauty or look that I can notice only by careful observation or the total look of everything on the table  (I believe Italian woman are the only masters of the second type)

– the next two hints I already shared with you in previous post, but there are many more … I will continue with them in following entries …

my beauty discoveries … L’Occitane en Provence Shea Butter Hand Cream

ha ! if I hadn’t become a full-time housewife I would never learn about the L’Occitane en Provence Shea Butter Hand Cream which is one of my latest discoveries ! Yes, I am writing whole name with capital letters intentionally – it’s best hand treatment ever.
Even if you accidentally spend your whole day cleaning and washing instead of just lying and smelling nice – this cream will make all signs of your activities disappear (oh just to be clear – only house care related activities … )

I could not decide which picture combination to attach, so I put both … by the way, have a look at my very beloved beauty case (Karl Lagerfeld for Sephora) which I got during sales last year for almost nothing …

I love all little Karls inside it and the one hanging at the zip …


Nina did a good job !

I have to admit I like the current situation with trends … I mean there is nothing new under the sun so all are coming back to basics, classic pieces. Do you know Nina Garcia book The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own ? or maybe Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange ? If not, just have a look and then you know the latest trends already … they turn out to be the very classic ones. I have to admit I like both those books. If you can handle the whole drama about fashion staying cool, it’s a really nice reading then and you can find some helpful hints.
So what do we have in menu now: definitely leather pants (YES!) and tuxedo blazer (best from Balmain or YSL) which actually hasn’t been on my list so far … but I think I could change my mind … oh and of course the stripped shirt (PetitBateau is the king here)
and if you remember,  last season -> the leather biker jacket was experiencing the big rebirth, not mentioning the trench coat !
… but coming back to my main thought, Nina did a good job for us (hunting for clothes and never having the appropriate thing to wear) and for the designers – we are all coming back to classic !
There are two thoughts which I totally share and I found them both in Nina’s book (they might be actually from the other book – The little black book of style, anyway) – one is that the real style means you keep wearing same, favourite, meaningful things for many seasons … like for me the ring
and the other is that you can also be one step behind the trends – ha ! which means you do not need to get crazy when sth new appears, you wait until everyone has it, wear it and leave it … and then you come, with half-price paid for the thing and just when everyone is already running after sth new !
just an opinion …