and i will love you till the end of time …

I think I already mentioned it, … most probably even more then once … I looove sweaters, the bigger the better … and I know this one was already presented in my posts and please be sure it will keep coming back, … it’s one of those pieces of clothes that I regret not buying  at least two of them, … just in case one would loose its sleeve or … would be kidnapped(!)

I would like to dedicate this post to all your clothes which have been worn for more then one season !

Must visit … Kiasma

… I am a great fan of museums (wait, wait it may also happen to you one day), but I rather feel safer admiring masterpieces created before XIX century then after so I was a bit sceptic when entering Kiasma, the Modern Art Museum in Helsinki but … it turned out I loved it.
If you’ll ever have a chance to visit Kiasma, please do so, it’s absolutely worth it !
Click on the logo to visit the official web page and … enjoy !

The quest of the Holy Graal … that is once again about THE STYLE

… it’s like the never-ending story, I mean discussion about the style, chic and/or class, magazines vie with one and another to deliver the best, most complete list of tricks and hints how to be stylish (just to be clear I always enjoy reading those lists) … but come on, let’s be realistic it is not following of those hints that makes you stylish, it can make you look like someone stylish … but that’s something different, isn’t it?
… it’s so much easier to create the certain image then to become an exceptional personality, the second option requires more efforts …

… but as I mentioned, I like to read all of those lists and pick those elements which I find interesting, so please find below the collection of some points which according to my observation are often characteristic for people who I admire, people with class and style:

– it’s rather unlike that you’ll find this person standing in front of a camera and listing which stylish clothes she’s wearing at the moment
– stylish look is mostly a combination of something modest and something impossible to be missed

– stylish way of clothing means expressing your attributes, attitudes, knowledge and always a bit of auto-irony through your outfit; it’s such a cliché but if you pack “no-personality” into the most beautiful outfit it will always remain “no-personality” wearing beautiful outfit

– stylish person do not dress herself to prove something and definitely not to show her superiority over those poor little guys with bad taste …

– now-a-days she is also brave enough to follow the mainstream when she likes it or to go her way when she finds it more appropriate

– she dazzles with her self-confidence but is never cheeky

– she is open, tolerant and no judgemental (but with clear opinions)

– she reads, watches, drinks and eats, travels and goes to yoga classes without informing the whole world about it … but if she does it, it makes you feel happy for her instead of being jealous

– paying her compliments makes her happy, not proud

– what she says is what she does … have you noticed how many people keep repeating that the best style means mixing designer with vintage and budget cloths … I become fed up with this statement (although I find it true) because the same people never or very seldom wear anything except   of designer … you need to be true to be chic …

and some more hard facts … in addition to what I already mentioned in random thoughts about fashion and style … episode 1

– she is usually the fabric freak; I also believe that you can hardly be wrong when wearing
something of good quality and YES, everyone can afford it, there for we have outlets, sales and all kind of shopping conveniences for hunting great pieces for reasonable price, so no excuses here …

– I like when a person who buys designer clothes buys also “the designer”, what I mean by that is buying also the philosophy behind, why is Isabel Marant such a success ? because women adore her; for me this is a very good way of expressing your attitude through your clothes (ps. I keep my fingers crossed for Sandro and Maje)

– I do agree with Nina and Inès de La Fressange that it’s worth to invest in bones but also let us not get crazy here, we do not need to have it all … and for every person invest means something different … so you do not need to sell your TV set to buy yourself the Balmain blazer (of course I also would love to have one but …) … you should know your limits and find something appropriate at your price level, it is possible !

– chic person often smiles when reading this kind of hints … because she already knows them

Please expect I will continue with this topic !
The final statement which I have to make: you can not learn how to be stylish, you either have it or not … and I fully support Karl Lagerfeld opinion regarding being stylish (he mentioned it in one of his interviews for net-a-porter) if you are asking what to do to be stylish most probably you already lost your chance … ha !

my beauty discoveries … Lotion Micellaire Nettoyante et Démaquillante de Avène

again shortly … as much as I love to have my face on my face during the day, in the evening I prefer to get rid of everything … including my make-up
… since years I am using the Lotion Micellaire Nettoyante et Démaquillante de Avène, it has lovely, fresh smell and it leaves the skin really clean, you can feel it !

No expectations …

how does it work: you totally do not feel like going there, it’s cold outside, you’re tired …  finally you go and spend really great time … why? … because you have no expectations !
or: you do not feel like going there because you know there will be a lot of people and you would like to have some time for yourself … finally you go and come back with leather pants !
how strange is this post … ?
anyway … ladies and gentlemen let me introduce one my very first leather pants accompanied by woollen half-gloves, already known sweaters, coat and … red lipstick = perfect winter outfit

Best Wishes

… sometimes you wake up and think: what a beautiful day,
the other day you think: ….. !!??
but it also happens you wake up and feel like wishing something to the world …

Dear You,
I wish you, that one of your dreams come true today,
I wish you no hesitation in choosing the outfit for today,
I wish you a lot of shoes: ……… (fill in the proper type of shoes),
I wish you a cup of coffee or ……., (fill in the proper type of drink) in nice company,
I wish you a lot of great ideas,
I wish you a lot of opportunities to visit some interesting places !