My daily menu …

we all know there are only few women in the world that look good without make-up and maybe one or two that do not use any cosmetics at all, there are also women who like to follow new cosmetic trends and those who one day discover “the cream” or “the lipstick” or any other “the thing” and keep using it for ages … I am in the second group. I already mentioned about one of my recent discoveries Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse but I have to tell you about “the cream”, we’ve been together for about three years so far, well yes I did try to replace him (it must be him) but no, nothing else can do what he can, let me introduce:
Clarins MultiActive (both day and night cream)
I love everything about it (him does not fit here), the consistence, the smell, the feeling after putting it on my face, truly great. It’s very efficient and also if I have a budget situation like “eat or cream” I use the night version as 24h cream … and in Germany where I am now it’s very often sold as special offer – das freut mich sehr !
what else do I have in my menu …
this is not full list, since as self-respecting woman I use 100s of cosmetics before I go out to throw my trash away … but I will share information only about those which are worth it (to be continued)

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