fashionsoulmate rebirth …

so, looks like I slept off the summer … this is not so bad actually … anyway I am coming back … but before I will be fully, mentally awake I prefer to stick to already well-thought-out topics … and here it comes, one of my greatest beauty discoveries CHANEL VITALUMIÈRE AQUA ULTRA-LIGHT SKIN PERFECTING MAKEUP SPF 15
It’s light, it actually does adjust to the colour of your skin and gives absolutely natural look … and I love the smell! … after I spend a lot of time in front of the mirror thinking that my face looks .. hmm strange (this could be not make-up related only …) I am really happy to find the perfect thing. I seriously started considering a hat as a solution here … but I prefer to follow the cool hat-look in Saint Laurent style then to use it as camouflage!

this is more what I was thinking about …

my beauty discoveries … moisturisers: Lancome – Nutrix and Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

I was really wondering if I should use the word discoveries in this case, because I think almost every fashion magazine wrote about Elisabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream quite recently … but on the other hand there is nothing new under the sun … and as for me it’s my personal discovery … definitely it was not the love from first … sniff … this cream has an awful smell although I bought the fragrance free version (!) … and at the beginning I had a problem with finding the best way of using it … it was a bit like giving chess to a dog … so I tried to put it here and there … a bit … a lot … and I can confirm its healing properties but the real discovery is to use it as an moisturiser … for the whole face, for the whole night … (the best if your partner can spend this night in a guest room) … it was a great relief for my sandpaper-like skin …
encouraged by the success of my finding I decided to have a closer look to other moisturisers … so I bought Nutrix from Lancome and I have to admit it’s great too and has a decent price … the same procedure … whole face, whole night but … your partner can stay with you (!)


my beauty discoveries … Lotion Micellaire Nettoyante et Démaquillante de Avène

again shortly … as much as I love to have my face on my face during the day, in the evening I prefer to get rid of everything … including my make-up
… since years I am using the Lotion Micellaire Nettoyante et Démaquillante de Avène, it has lovely, fresh smell and it leaves the skin really clean, you can feel it !

my beauty discoveries … MAC studio careblend pressed powder

so … I am still alive but a bit busy and a bit without inspiration but I want to present shortly one of my beauty discoveries – MAC studio careblend pressed powder. I have the colour version -> LIGHT; it looks very good on the skin, no mask effect, stays where it should stay for a long time AND I do not need to sell my TV-set in order to buy it, do I need more?

my beauty discoveries … matt about you from Essie

not to much to say … how does it work? you buy in a hurry nail polish, at home you realise it’s with gloss !!! (which you do not really like) so you run again to the shop and start looking for the proper one … nice lady enlighten you that you do not need to buy a new one, you just need HIM – matt about you which will make all your nails look matt whenever you need it (you just put additional layer on the usual nail polish and it’s ready)

random thoughts about fashion and style … and beauty episode 2

I was writing recently about some of my thoughts regarding fashion and style. I also have some of them which are related to beauty, to be more precise to make-up art …

about finish powder … in order to avoid the mask effect when finishing with loose powder, spread it only on T zone and let the other parts of the face stay naturally shining, it my opinion you get the fresh look then

about bronze powders and blushers … wear them ONLY if you know how to put them properly and if they really suit you; I was using blusher for many years but – to be honest – wasn’t convinced if it did good to my make-up so sometime ago I resigned … it’s funny that NOT using something can help so much

cream line on the inner rim of the eye … I can not call myself an expert in make-up but I definitely know many tricks how make your face look rested when it’s not really the case, … so I do put the light line on the inner rim of my eyes but I do it with cream colour instead of white – in my opinion it looks much more naturally

I am not mentioning such obvious things like avoiding two shades on you face and neck with the funny line which shows exactly where your face ends … or about “panda effect” when using the radiant, I know I am talking to experienced make-up users … ha !


my beauty discoveries … L’Occitane en Provence Shea Butter Hand Cream

ha ! if I hadn’t become a full-time housewife I would never learn about the L’Occitane en Provence Shea Butter Hand Cream which is one of my latest discoveries ! Yes, I am writing whole name with capital letters intentionally – it’s best hand treatment ever.
Even if you accidentally spend your whole day cleaning and washing instead of just lying and smelling nice – this cream will make all signs of your activities disappear (oh just to be clear – only house care related activities … )

I could not decide which picture combination to attach, so I put both … by the way, have a look at my very beloved beauty case (Karl Lagerfeld for Sephora) which I got during sales last year for almost nothing …

I love all little Karls inside it and the one hanging at the zip …


My daily menu …

we all know there are only few women in the world that look good without make-up and maybe one or two that do not use any cosmetics at all, there are also women who like to follow new cosmetic trends and those who one day discover “the cream” or “the lipstick” or any other “the thing” and keep using it for ages … I am in the second group. I already mentioned about one of my recent discoveries Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse but I have to tell you about “the cream”, we’ve been together for about three years so far, well yes I did try to replace him (it must be him) but no, nothing else can do what he can, let me introduce:
Clarins MultiActive (both day and night cream)
I love everything about it (him does not fit here), the consistence, the smell, the feeling after putting it on my face, truly great. It’s very efficient and also if I have a budget situation like “eat or cream” I use the night version as 24h cream … and in Germany where I am now it’s very often sold as special offer – das freut mich sehr !
what else do I have in my menu …
this is not full list, since as self-respecting woman I use 100s of cosmetics before I go out to throw my trash away … but I will share information only about those which are worth it (to be continued)

my beauty discoveries … Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

… better late than never, I know it’s been already 20 years of Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse on the market but it happened I met this great oil only this year; it’s a bit funny because I wouldn’t say that effects of using it are spectacular (or maybe I not patient enough) but it’s so nice just to spread it on the skin, it smells like you have just come back from beach – this feeling is priceless especially in autumn and winter time, enjoy !