Can you see yourself clearly …?

… how do you know that what you imagine about yourself is the same that people see?
I can assure you it is not so clear … any ideas how to check whether your idea of yourself is coherent with what you show outside? … it’s interesting … I become convinced there is no exhaustive answer to this question … BUT (it’s like with German grammar there is ALWAYS one BUT) what you can try is … for your look … take a picture of yourself, make short movie and watch it carefully (in this case it has nothing to do with narcissism) … for your personality … skim over the gifts you received from people who you think know you best … bla, bla, bla just a small bite of philosophy for the begging of the week, stay cool and do not take life too serious …

Must visit … Kiasma

… I am a great fan of museums (wait, wait it may also happen to you one day), but I rather feel safer admiring masterpieces created before XIX century then after so I was a bit sceptic when entering Kiasma, the Modern Art Museum in Helsinki but … it turned out I loved it.
If you’ll ever have a chance to visit Kiasma, please do so, it’s absolutely worth it !
Click on the logo to visit the official web page and … enjoy !

Best Wishes

… sometimes you wake up and think: what a beautiful day,
the other day you think: ….. !!??
but it also happens you wake up and feel like wishing something to the world …

Dear You,
I wish you, that one of your dreams come true today,
I wish you no hesitation in choosing the outfit for today,
I wish you a lot of shoes: ……… (fill in the proper type of shoes),
I wish you a cup of coffee or ……., (fill in the proper type of drink) in nice company,
I wish you a lot of great ideas,
I wish you a lot of opportunities to visit some interesting places !

weekend according to the blog and weekend …

last days of summer, it was so nice and warm in The Englischer Garten today … lovely! perfect day of doing nothing, just wandering around with a cup of coffee to go, couple of photos here and there … and nice, relaxing afternoon on the sofa with my favourite magazines …

… well hmm, maybe not exactly … actually it was bloody cold today, first snow … with rain, well – yes I was wandering around holding my cup of coffee to go very tight so that it does not fly away … crowds of people in city centre where I went today and was running around like a headless chicken searching for wooden toys … completely wet because someone did not recognise his or her umbrella lying on the floor near shop entrance (where people leave wet umbrellas) and took mine …
what a day !
but I did committed shopping (to be continued)

nineteen things I plan to do this autumn …

I decided to do kind of resolution list for the new season … autumn 2012 !

… read at least one book which is on my waiting list for a really long time, or better two … let’s say one would be one of the „must know” books, like for me: Rabbit, run or Couples by John Updike and the other one something issued last year (haven’t decided yet, any suggestions?) …


… get myself new nail polish!  I will need more then one actually …

… get myself a perfect shawl, warm and big …well I have to say it’s done already, mustard it’s the accessories colour for the following season, photos will follow soon (soon became to be a very capacious word …)

… go to the cinema! … or version for parents with small babies – watch at least 5 films I haven’t manage to see recently (recently became to be a very capacious word …) and get inspired by the look of one of the characters! I plan to watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s for hundred and first time but will get inspired by the cat this time …

recent films I haven’t seen yet: Je l’aimais, I am not there, I am love and A single man

… go to the museum and find painting/sculpture/piece of art I like and find all available information about it! I would say this is already ongoing …

plan my autumn clothes budget: following the idea of Ines de la Fressange (see: Parisian Style) I want to divide it into two parts: one is for basis/bones that I’ll have for more than one season and the other just to go wild … a bit … details will follow

btw had a good proposal as well, see the photo

 … prepare a really good dinner for your friends! If you have no friends prepare it for yourself.


… get myself a game but not a computer game! I love Pocket QUIZ
it’s actually done !

… play the game !

… get rid of one bad habit, … that’s easy, I do not have any bad habits

… get rid of clothes I am not wearing any more, … very good idea… not so easy to follow


… give my jacket to cleaning service and boots to the cobbler before I’ll need them

… get myself the “ideal autumn afternoon set” which consists of: blanket, mug with Coffee, books and waterproof leisure wear (resistant to children below one year)

… prepare myself for “I am not going out today” occasion -> I promise myself to never  miss the following things at storage: favourite Coffee, bottle of wine and/or Gløgg and “little something” like: chocolate/crisps plus set of my favourite beauty masks and hand cream.

… find a blog to follow, I am not going to be very original here I like Garance Dore               but I need more !

… find a good vintage shop and try to keep in contact with the shop assistant – I do not think I need an explanation why




… prepare myself for winter sale (yes!) details will follow


 … make the “poor” week every month – it will help to save some money and enjoy the pleasures of the following weeks even more …



… get myself new long-play … with jazz …, yes we all are getting older

photos, Photoshop and shitty looks …

…. there is only one situation when using Photoshop or any other “improving tool” is justified … it’s when it is about your own picture.
Have you ever noticed that we most like photos where we do not really look like ourselves? I have to admit I like the “cut” option very much, I can easily and not for good (!) remove any part of my face/body and leave only this which I can accept HA !                                   … of course there are also some hopeless days and shoots when even putting the best make-up before and greatest piece of cloth does not help …. you still look like a shit … well fine, … shit with mint …

… just to be clear it is a veeery nice vintage scarf and … basil

Stay cool