In search of your own style, style lifecycle …

… there is nothing new under the sun, style changes through the years … I believe there are some people who are born with defined and unchangeable idea of their style but I haven’t met any of them …
… when I was very young I had a lot of clothes, the more I had, the more I had nothing to wear ! …  I did not bother so much about the quality, it was more accidental that I got something really great … but in certain way I was happy with my attitude …
… now I am old(er) and I really see, I do not need so much but I want my clothes to be made of great fabrics (I know, I know … nothing new, everyone says that now-a-days: invest in bones, buy essentials that are highest quality and that will serve you for ages)
… but I think this also comes from your attitude to life, you need less because you finally know what suits you best (that’s btw, for me the biggest “mystery” of being stylish)
… just to be clear, I am a healthy woman and I know you can never get enough clothes … but my enough now is different from my enough in the past

… coming back – for a moment – to different styles at different stages of life, have you ever noticed the difference in a way of clothing of single women and those who are already in relationships …?

… and there also some milestones in your life when you just feel like changing a lot in your style … and wardrobe!

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