Nina did a good job !

I have to admit I like the current situation with trends … I mean there is nothing new under the sun so all are coming back to basics, classic pieces. Do you know Nina Garcia book The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own ? or maybe Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange ? If not, just have a look and then you know the latest trends already … they turn out to be the very classic ones. I have to admit I like both those books. If you can handle the whole drama about fashion staying cool, it’s a really nice reading then and you can find some helpful hints.
So what do we have in menu now: definitely leather pants (YES!) and tuxedo blazer (best from Balmain or YSL) which actually hasn’t been on my list so far … but I think I could change my mind … oh and of course the stripped shirt (PetitBateau is the king here)
and if you remember,  last season -> the leather biker jacket was experiencing the big rebirth, not mentioning the trench coat !
… but coming back to my main thought, Nina did a good job for us (hunting for clothes and never having the appropriate thing to wear) and for the designers – we are all coming back to classic !
There are two thoughts which I totally share and I found them both in Nina’s book (they might be actually from the other book – The little black book of style, anyway) – one is that the real style means you keep wearing same, favourite, meaningful things for many seasons … like for me the ring
and the other is that you can also be one step behind the trends – ha ! which means you do not need to get crazy when sth new appears, you wait until everyone has it, wear it and leave it … and then you come, with half-price paid for the thing and just when everyone is already running after sth new !
just an opinion …

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