random thoughts about fashion and style … episode 1

I have in my mind collection of observations related to fashion and style. I do not always remember where do I get them from, sometimes I read about them, sometimes I heard them somewhere, some are my own conclusions, anyway I do not claim the ownership to any of them I just find them quite right:

– women who keep same hairstyle or hair colour for many years seem to look younger – there is something about it, just think … (to be clear – I am not against changes in hairstyle)
I find it true somehow, look for example at Catherine Deneuve

– women with coarse type of beauty look great with delicate make-up and decent clothes, for me it makes them look intriguing !
– and the other way round, those who have delicate and/or a bit naive look can try some more provocative outfits, make-up: both ideas are based on contrast, I’ve seen some examples live and I was always delighted
– again a bit about contrasts – if a person has a bad skin (it happens, we can not pretend it doesn’t) then she should not underline it with strong make up and should take a special care about hair … and the other way round; once I saw a girl in pharmacy, she had a really bad skin BUT was wearing only light foundation and had a very, very nice hair all that made me admire her for a longer moment

– age is not a limit for fashion but you have to be careful, again example (it’s a pity I do not take photos of those people), in the Cafe near the place I live I saw once a lady, definitely 70+, very delicate type of beauty, light hair, she was wearing knee long cardigan … and leggings + converse and she looked stunning … but there is a very thin line which one need to be aware of otherwise the look gets just pathetic (I think jeans are THE thing you can wear with no risk at any age !)



– I can’t help it but I like either the little detail of beauty or look that I can notice only by careful observation or the total look of everything on the table¬† (I believe Italian woman are the only masters of the second type)

– the next two hints I already shared with you in previous post, but there are many more … I will continue with them in following entries …

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