Best Wishes

… sometimes you wake up and think: what a beautiful day,
the other day you think: ….. !!??
but it also happens you wake up and feel like wishing something to the world …

Dear You,
I wish you, that one of your dreams come true today,
I wish you no hesitation in choosing the outfit for today,
I wish you a lot of shoes: ……… (fill in the proper type of shoes),
I wish you a cup of coffee or ……., (fill in the proper type of drink) in nice company,
I wish you a lot of great ideas,
I wish you a lot of opportunities to visit some interesting places !

weekend according to the blog and weekend …

last days of summer, it was so nice and warm in The Englischer Garten today … lovely! perfect day of doing nothing, just wandering around with a cup of coffee to go, couple of photos here and there … and nice, relaxing afternoon on the sofa with my favourite magazines …

… well hmm, maybe not exactly … actually it was bloody cold today, first snow … with rain, well – yes I was wandering around holding my cup of coffee to go very tight so that it does not fly away … crowds of people in city centre where I went today and was running around like a headless chicken searching for wooden toys … completely wet because someone did not recognise his or her umbrella lying on the floor near shop entrance (where people leave wet umbrellas) and took mine …
what a day !
but I did committed shopping (to be continued)