my beauty discoveries … Lotion Micellaire Nettoyante et Démaquillante de Avène

again shortly … as much as I love to have my face on my face during the day, in the evening I prefer to get rid of everything … including my make-up
… since years I am using the Lotion Micellaire Nettoyante et Démaquillante de Avène, it has lovely, fresh smell and it leaves the skin really clean, you can feel it !

random thoughts about fashion and style … and beauty episode 2

I was writing recently about some of my thoughts regarding fashion and style. I also have some of them which are related to beauty, to be more precise to make-up art …

about finish powder … in order to avoid the mask effect when finishing with loose powder, spread it only on T zone and let the other parts of the face stay naturally shining, it my opinion you get the fresh look then

about bronze powders and blushers … wear them ONLY if you know how to put them properly and if they really suit you; I was using blusher for many years but – to be honest – wasn’t convinced if it did good to my make-up so sometime ago I resigned … it’s funny that NOT using something can help so much

cream line on the inner rim of the eye … I can not call myself an expert in make-up but I definitely know many tricks how make your face look rested when it’s not really the case, … so I do put the light line on the inner rim of my eyes but I do it with cream colour instead of white – in my opinion it looks much more naturally

I am not mentioning such obvious things like avoiding two shades on you face and neck with the funny line which shows exactly where your face ends … or about “panda effect” when using the radiant, I know I am talking to experienced make-up users … ha !