in search of perfect bag …

… almost every women has her favourite part of clothes or accessories, so do I
(in random order): jeans, sunglasses and bags …  and it’s about bags today

bag number one – short story … long time ago, on lazy summer day I was wandering around flea market in search of “nothing special”. I passed couple of times one guy who was selling old bags (this was the time when old bags were just old bags, not vintage) and I noticed one of them but was not really convinced. I did couple of more rounds and finally decided to buy it since it was really cheap. It has been waiting for a while before I finally appreciated it, we’ll celebrate our 10th anniversary this year …

bag number two – short story … not so long time ago I moved abroad, I moved to the place where you can get whatever bag you would like to have; after some important moments in my life it was decided by the family I should be priced with a great bag … so I started hunting, and I think I saw really all bags available in the city, I tried on half of them and seriously get bored and tired with the procedure (yes, it was no longer fun) … shortly after that I went to visit my home town and I found THE bag just like that  … (this story is a real killer isn’t it?… ha!)

bag number three – short story … just recently I was spending my evening going through the offer of one on-line shop with designer clothes (I do it regularly because sometimes they really have great deals and you can get some good piece of cloth for REALLY reasonable price) and I found it (although I was not really looking for it since I have just bought THE bag), there was some kind of special weekend discount so I priced myself again with my very first designer bag. I was so happy when it arrived! I even thought he (the designer) wrote me a short letter which was romantic hidden in the inside pocket of the bag but … it turned out it’s just the warning that if I do not wear the bag with light coloured, soft and delicate clothes only (I do not wear such stuff !!!!!) and do not put it into special dust bag when not using it… then if something happens to the bag, he (the D.) does not care … life is a b…

but I love them all, the first one reminds me how old I am and the other two about very special moments of my life !

Me voilà !

… it’s really hard to begin, especially when you’ve always imagined your first post to be funny and wise, generally great … well rather won’t be the case

… so I have already started sometime ago to complete my clothes-wish-list for this autumn and one of the things I really dream of is the vintage ESCADA blazer, best if it’s a mixture of wool and cashmere … and my size (!) … ; although I am living in the place where there should be people wearing only ESCADA blazers, it’s not so easy to find  that perfect one …

Wish me luck !



nineteen things I plan to do this autumn …

I decided to do kind of resolution list for the new season … autumn 2012 !

… read at least one book which is on my waiting list for a really long time, or better two … let’s say one would be one of the „must know” books, like for me: Rabbit, run or Couples by John Updike and the other one something issued last year (haven’t decided yet, any suggestions?) …


… get myself new nail polish!  I will need more then one actually …

… get myself a perfect shawl, warm and big …well I have to say it’s done already, mustard it’s the accessories colour for the following season, photos will follow soon (soon became to be a very capacious word …)

… go to the cinema! … or version for parents with small babies – watch at least 5 films I haven’t manage to see recently (recently became to be a very capacious word …) and get inspired by the look of one of the characters! I plan to watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s for hundred and first time but will get inspired by the cat this time …

recent films I haven’t seen yet: Je l’aimais, I am not there, I am love and A single man

… go to the museum and find painting/sculpture/piece of art I like and find all available information about it! I would say this is already ongoing …

plan my autumn clothes budget: following the idea of Ines de la Fressange (see: Parisian Style) I want to divide it into two parts: one is for basis/bones that I’ll have for more than one season and the other just to go wild … a bit … details will follow

btw had a good proposal as well, see the photo

 … prepare a really good dinner for your friends! If you have no friends prepare it for yourself.


… get myself a game but not a computer game! I love Pocket QUIZ
it’s actually done !

… play the game !

… get rid of one bad habit, … that’s easy, I do not have any bad habits

… get rid of clothes I am not wearing any more, … very good idea… not so easy to follow


… give my jacket to cleaning service and boots to the cobbler before I’ll need them

… get myself the “ideal autumn afternoon set” which consists of: blanket, mug with Coffee, books and waterproof leisure wear (resistant to children below one year)

… prepare myself for “I am not going out today” occasion -> I promise myself to never  miss the following things at storage: favourite Coffee, bottle of wine and/or Gløgg and “little something” like: chocolate/crisps plus set of my favourite beauty masks and hand cream.

… find a blog to follow, I am not going to be very original here I like Garance Dore               but I need more !

… find a good vintage shop and try to keep in contact with the shop assistant – I do not think I need an explanation why




… prepare myself for winter sale (yes!) details will follow


 … make the “poor” week every month – it will help to save some money and enjoy the pleasures of the following weeks even more …



… get myself new long-play … with jazz …, yes we all are getting older

photos, Photoshop and shitty looks …

…. there is only one situation when using Photoshop or any other “improving tool” is justified … it’s when it is about your own picture.
Have you ever noticed that we most like photos where we do not really look like ourselves? I have to admit I like the “cut” option very much, I can easily and not for good (!) remove any part of my face/body and leave only this which I can accept HA !                                   … of course there are also some hopeless days and shoots when even putting the best make-up before and greatest piece of cloth does not help …. you still look like a shit … well fine, … shit with mint …

… just to be clear it is a veeery nice vintage scarf and … basil

Stay cool